Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Healthy and Smart with Brain Gymnastics

Healthy and Smart with Brain Gymnastics. In order to function and work well, the brain requires the input of energy carried by the blood stream. When the blood flow from the heart and lungs is interrupted, then the performance of the brain was disrupted. Regular exercise could actually make the blood flow to the brain is always smooth. Brain gymnastics, one of them. Brain exercise aims to overcome learning difficulties. It turns out the brain exercises are not just for children, but for the elderly elderly alias too, should feel the benefits of brain exercise itself that can prevent dementia and help the recovery for stroke patients.

Brain exercises can be done anywhere, anytime and by anyone. Even brain exercise can already be given to babies aged 4 months to people who have elderly. To optimize the brain's neurons, not just any movement that could be done.
Therefore, in order to stimulate the neural development of the brain, some experts made a series of specific movements are integrated, and be termed as brain gymnastics aka Brain Gym.

Countries that sparked Brain Gym is the United States, and has several states have many adoptive including Indonesia. There are several ways to exercise the brain to be more healthy and intelligent in the morning before you start the activity, among other things:

1. In a seated or supine position

Place both hands on her stomach. Then do abdominal breathing until your palms pushed forward or upward. Repeat 10 times.

2. Under conditions of standing

Both hands do massage randomly at some point the chest and abdomen, he turned his head to the left and to the right. Perform the movement while interesting and exhale slowly 10 times.

3. In a standing position

Stretch both arms wide as possible. Close your eyes and imagine your left and right brain together. Do it while breathing slowly 10 times.

Before doing gymnastic movement brain, you should drink a glass of water. Good luck!