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How to Accelerate Absorption of Vitamin A Supplementation

The reason many capsules of vitamin A supplements on the market due to vitamin A supplement composition is different. Sometimes there is a supplement of vitamin A that is filled by the composition of other vitamins such as vitamin B and vitamin C. There are also absorption of vitamin supplementation is more due to the state of the body so that the acceleration of absorption was impaired. In this article will discuss about how to speed up the absorption of vitamin A supplementation into the body. So there is no vitamin A wasted.

Vitamin A supplements and fatty foods

Supplements of vitamin A also affects the fatty foods. Because fatty foods make vitamin A in the body is also dissolved. If the lack of fatty foods in the daily diet, then the body will be more difficult to absorb vitamin A in the body that has been consumed. Fatty foods are not limited to what we know as the saturated fatty foods and be detrimental. As the milk fat turned out to contain a lot of vitamin A. As in cheese, butter, turned out to be a carrier for vitamin A is good for the body. Of course eating cheese every day in large numbers will make it easier to nausea. So you should eat less fatty foods but still taking supplements of vitamin A.

Vitamin A supplementation with Vitamin E Help

Consuming vitamin A and vitamin E at the same time it can make vitamin A rapidly dissolve and enter the body's metabolism. How is this possible? The function of vitamin E alone is to help blood circulation to the brain and balance the function of the brain. By consuming the vitamin A supplements can be consumed earlier in absorption in the gut and delivered through the blood vessels to the brain and then to the organs of the eye. In addition, because vitamin E is fat soluble. So as to facilitate the flow of vitamin A absorption into the bloodstream. Detecting a deficiency in vitamin A absorption in the blood naturally by providing vitamin A supplements and see the reaction of the body. If the current vitamin A supplementation when experiencing symptoms of vitamin A deficiency and do not get better, then you have problems in the absorption of vitamin A in the body.

Vitamin A Supplementation with Zinc Help

Accelerate the absorption of vitamin A to zinc also can do. By taking supplements of vitamin A along with zinc supplements, the body will still absorb both even optimally. It is directly proportional when we are deficient in zinc followed by protein deficiency. Because reserves of vitamin A is stored in the liver and consumption of zinc and protein deficiency causes reduced absorption through the gut to reserve the use of vitamin A and vitamin A deficiency as well. So when you consume zinc also want to consume vitamin A supplements for maximum absorption.

Vitamin A Supplementation For Smokers

For those who are smoking, vitamin A deficiency is sometimes a tendency for the habit of not eating healthy foods. Because of trends in smoking are able to withstand longer power hungry than non-smokers. So many smokers prefer to eat food that is nutritious instant comparison that contain lots of vitamins. So stop smoking to maximize the absorption of vitamin A in the body. Do not assume that taking a multivitamin and also smoking can mengantisipai free radicals that occur. Because research shows it is not true.

Vitamin A Supplements and Laxatives

Vitamin supplements are not appropriate to be used in conjunction with laxatives. Laxatives function is to overcome constipation. Where a person suffering from a bowel obstruction. By taking a laxative before bed, do not just dump the contents of the stomach and makes stools easier. But it also remove substances that can be absorbed by the body such as minerals and vitamins. That is why when taking laxatives do not need to take supplements of vitamin A. Beware also the consumption of laxatives can lead to improper dehydration and vitamin deficiencies due to the intestines could not absorb nutrients that have eaten into the body.

Vitamin A Supplements and Drugs Antacids type

It turns out that not all drugs can stimulate the body's vitamin needs. Because use of these drugs may reduce levels of vitamin A and vitamin B1. Antacids are the kind of pain medication or gastric ulcer. So that the absorption of vitamin A will be disrupted while working antacid to neutralize excess stomach acid. Because the consumption of antacid drug is able to create two conditions, namely body body body become constipated or have an easier bowel movement (into laxatives). From the above two conditions are advised not to consume vitamin A supplements in advance to avoid the collapse of the vitamin absorption by the body.

Vitamin A supplements and Alcohol

Alcohol is not good for your health in addition to the body it also affects the rate of absorption against to vitamins. Excessive use of alcohol can irritate the digestive system. So that the absorption of the vitamin in the intestine was disrupted due to the amount of alcohol in it. Not to mention if alcohol has entered into a blood vessel, it can reduce the intake of vitamin A disposition toward organ eye and brain. So keoptimalan vitamin A function becomes impaired.

That's the thing you should consider in taking supplements of vitamin A. With regard to the above, you can maximize the use of vitamin A supplements for your body.

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