Monday, July 06, 2015

The Importance of Medical Check Ups to Monitor Your Health

The public is not familiar with the term medical check up. Health care is an act to maintain health. Because after all prevention is better than cure, so everyone needs to understand these needs.

So do not be surprised if health practitioners recommend that routine medical tests. Especially for people who are aged over 40 years, the health check was as a necessity. With a medical check up with health problems would be detected early, so it can be done handling. Various forms of examination of the medical check-up, it can be a physical examination, laboratory, and ultrasonography (USG). According to Melanie Haiken: There are several forms of regular checks are required.

Cholesterol examination

Cholesterol is a type of protein in the blood that accumulates in the arteries. Knowing your blood cholesterol levels good for way to avoid heart disease. There are two types of cholesterol, namely: high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and low density lipoprotein (LDL). HDL is good for the health impact because it protects against heart disease. While LDL at risk of heart disease.
In good health, normal cholesterol levels less than 200 mg / dl, with optimal LDL of less than 100 m / dl and HDL over 60 mg / dl. Cholesterol screening should begin at age 20 years and is conducted every five years. However, if the examination shows poor condition, doctors generally recommend to perform a retest every 6 months to 1 year.

Blood pressure

Although simple, do blood tests on a regular basis, including the effort to maintain the health of present and future. Experts suggest that a person is able to keep blood pressure under normal conditions, namely in the number 120/80 mm / Hg. Because people who have high blood pressure or hypertension are at risk of heart attack and stroke. These checks can be done routinely, namely once a year.

Diabetes screening

Diabetes is included in the dangerous disease, especially if there is a family history of the disease. So at the age of 45 years, someone needs to care about the risk or symptoms of the disease. Diabetes screening is required so that the disease can be overcome before developing more severe. Examination should be performed every 3 years.

Bone Density Tests

The loss of bone strength or osteoporosis, including diseases that should not be ignored. At the age of 65 years, the risk of the disease menderika. Therefore, the necessary special examination called a dual-energy X-ray ((DXA). By doing so, the patient can immediately consult a doctor about an effort to maintain or restore bone density.

Vitamin D tests

Melanie also adds that vitamin D is an important nutrient that helps maintain bones, protect against cancer and other infections. One study showed that people who had low vitamin D levels high line heart attack.

When doing a blood examination, one can also determine the level of vitamin D in the blood. Normal vitamin D levels of more than 30 ng / ml. The doctors recommend annual tests in people aged 45 years and older.

Given the importance of maintaining health, some of these tests need to be done in a medical check up. However, not only the public can also make other, more in-depth examination such as screening to detect cancer risk, eye and hearing tests.